For My Baby Sister…


My sister and I have this awesome connection. It’s like we’re twins even though we’re two and a half years apart. We can sometimes feel what each other is feeling (while not being together), we know what each other is thinking or wanting to say with one look, we say the same things at the same times (A LOT!) and have even found ourselves giving each other and our parents the same cards for birthdays and holidays.

I admire her for so many reasons and she is truly my best friend. I feel so blessed for the close relationship we have. I have to say our mother did an amazing job raising us to never stay mad at one another, even if that meant forcing us to hug and say we were sorry. Truth be told, we never really fought that much…maybe as kids but the older we got our bond and friendship only got stronger.

Being older, I have only wished for the best for my baby sister. I’ve watched her grow into a beautiful woman, inside and out. I’ve watched her faith life help shape her into an even more incredible person than she already is. I stood by her side as she married the man of her dreams (that she’s been with since she was 14!) and now I get to experience what I truly believe is God’s most beautiful gift, watching her become a mother.

With just a month apart, my sister and I will both become moms, her for the first time and me for the second. While there are so many things I’ve wished for when it comes to my sister, as we got older I prayed for this the most. Getting pregnant was very easy for me. I don’t like saying that because I know the struggles others have faced. When there were struggles with my sister, I couldn’t help but ask “Why God?”, “Why her?” There were so many times I prayed and begged God to allow her the same blessing that I was given. And when I found out we were pregnant for a second time, my heart broke knowing I would have to again tell my sister that I was pregnant (even though I knew she would be nothing but happy for me which she was) knowing that she wasn’t. Little did I know that a month later she would be telling me the same thing. I will forever remember that moment in my kitchen. Every time I think of it tears fill up my eyes. I cannot tell you how hard my heart leapt out of my chest in joy for her. She and her husband patiently waited and God provided. They did not get angry at Him, give up on Him or turn away from Him. Instead…they praised and honored Him for the blessing they were receiving. I’ve never witnessed such a strong and beautiful faith as I have in my sister’s journey to becoming a mother.

So with a few weeks left for me and a month for my sister, I have to say it’s been a lot of fun being pregnant together. We took pictures to document the experience (one shown above) from the awesome duo at Up the Hill Photography. A big thanks to Jill for capturing these special moments for us. From growing up together, currently living just two miles down the road from one another to our annual Dave Matthews concerts and now pregnancy, I can honestly say I’ve experienced it all with my sister. I am so thankful to have her as my best friend.

Steph, God knew just what he was doing when He gave you to me as a sister. I couldn’t imagine life any other way. You’re going to be the best mom there is. I can’t wait to begin this journey with you. BFF! Now get these babies OUT!!!!

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