Why God?

Religion is a sensitive topic to discuss. I find myself steering clear of it due to the fear of reactions I might get. I would rather keep my beliefs private than get in heated debates with strangers let alone any family or friends who don’t agree with me. But deep down in my heart I feel I can no longer contain it. I am a Catholic and I am proud of my faith. I want to encourage others and even teach those willing to listen and learn about God and maybe even open their eyes to living a life as a Christian.

No, I am not here to push my beliefs on anyone or stand in judgment either. There are many religions and to each his own (which I say with the utmost respect), but I know this is where I belong and this is where I will firmly stand. I was raised a Catholic. My family went to church every Sunday (and still do). I was fortunate enough to attend a Catholic grade school and high school (because the cost is not cheap and only continues to grow). My husband also grew up the same way I did. This made me love him even more because once we got engaged I knew we would be on the same page about getting married in a Catholic church (which we did) as well as one day raising our kids in the Catholic faith (which we are actively doing with both our children by taking them to church weekly and saying prayers with them).

People who do not have a belief in God often ask me ‘Why God’? Usually my answer begins with ‘Why not?’. It’s hard for people to believe in something they cannot see or cannot fathom being what Catholics and various religions say He is. A great read is ‘Does God Exist‘ by a former Atheist. I encourage you to check it out if you’re at all curious about God. There are a ton of articles out there but I liked this one because it makes a lot of valid points with discussing tangible facts about everyday life.

I’m also asked a lot about the Bible. How do you know its the word of God? How is it accurate? Well, how could it not be? The Bible is a historical document just like the works of Plato or Aristotle (except with thousands of manuscripts as opposed to hundreds or less). These documents have been reviewed and studied over and over again. The Bible has also proven to be more historically and archaeologically accurate than any other ancient book. You can find dozens upon dozens of articles to support this statement (the power of Google!). You can also check out this website which provides some great insight and facts with regards to the Bible.

But my faith life isn’t revolved around these articles and documents which support my beliefs, my faith life is something I wholeheartedly believe in. It’s in everything I do every single day. Think about this for a second…how amazing is it that we can create another human life? How could the birth of a child be anything other than a miracle and the works of Almighty God?

For a long period of my life I felt like something was missing. I always thought it was something within my relationships because I put such a heavy emphasis on them. When I met my husband and after we got married I still felt this emptiness. I knew it was God. He was calling me to become closer to Him. He was calling me to trust in Him instead of all the times in my life I fought Him and tried to control how I felt my life should go. I developed a very close and personal relationship with Him and now I feel complete. I truly feel so incredibly happy! I don’t know what I would do without Him in my life.

So whether you believe in God or not, I hope that you find peace within you soul and know that He loves you no matter how you feel. I leave you with this song below. It’s my absolute favorite.

Hillsong United: Oceans

“But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15

2 thoughts on “Why God?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well Said Renee! Many can live a happy life…but true joy comes from following Christ! When Jesus Came the veil between us and God was torn…we are called to have a personal relationship with our savior. Love that song:) One of my favorites

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Renee, as always, I find your blogs to be well written with cogent thoughts, ideas, and details. Your topic matter here is clearly a potentially incendiary one for most individuals for obvious reasons. I am not a religious person by any stretch of the means. Like you, as you wrote in your blog, I respect the beliefs and ideals of others, provided they are not pushed on me. To me it does not matter what race, ethnicity, ideology, etc. you are/believe in. The most important part is that everyone have their own beliefs and that they are ultimately happy in life. The only troubling aspect I have with religion in general is that it gives people a built in excuse to discriminate and hate other people, yet it is masked and disguised as divine and holy enlightenment. I am not saying everyone is like this but if Catholicism teaches that God loves all his creatures, shouldn’t his followers do the same?


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