Welcome to my new adventures in motherhood! I am mom to sweet and sometimes sassy Emma and my adorable but very mischievous son Grant. I split my time between business owner (overtime), wife (full time) and mother (all the time!). As you can see, it’s all split very equally…wink, wink.

I started this blog to share the next chapter in my life of balancing work, marriage and being a mom. I have a passion for writing and always felt I expressed myself best through words.

I believe in God, happily ever after (fairytale and all), that everything happens for a reason, never judging a book (or person) by its cover, that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, our struggles make us stronger, good triumphs evil, laughter really is the best medicine, never settling and always believing in yourself and your dreams.

I love my life and feel very blessed for the gifts God has given me. For those of you fellow moms visiting here, I want you to know that YOU ARE AMAZING AND I FEEL YOUR STRUGGLES! You got this!

Feel free to contact me here or at: reneedijo@me.com. I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I do writing it!

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