This is me…well, this was me.

What you see: This was me in 2011 on my honeymoon in Hawaii. We are on the very famous black sand beach in Maui. The day was perfect. The weather was perfect. Yes, I am really jumping that high.

What you don’t see: I was the skinniest I had been since high school, and not in a healthy way. At the time, I had a very demanding and stressful job. I was on a huge deadline when the project got scrapped and had to be completely redone THE WEEK OF MY WEDDING. My husband got sick the night of our wedding (the flu) and I got it the next morning. We had to go on antibiotics and left a day later for Hawaii. We spent the first two days of our honeymoon in the hotel because we were so sick.

I shared this particular photo for my ‘about me’ to say there is always more to the story than meets the eye. We as humans can become so consumed by images that we can sometimes get caught up in the envy of joy that others share. I know I have plenty of times. But what we don’t know is the whole story, the whole truth. We don’t know what happened before, during or after the photo is taken. Heck, there are so many photo fixing apps these days, you could be in Europe with a photo you took in your kitchen! It doesn’t matter. The bottom line is find what is your happy and share YOU. I love this photo for many reasons. I was still swooning over my perfect wedding day and marrying the love of my life. I was in Hawaii (check on the bucket list!). I was carefree, tan, happy and completely STRESS FREE! One photo does not define you, heck, a million photos don’t either! You define YOU.

“Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

But seriously….about me. I believe in God and I’m raising my children in His image and likeness, or at least I’m trying to! I believe happily ever after (fairytale and all) but also that every relationship takes work and the harder you work, the better it/you will be. I believe that everything happens for a reason, EVERYTHING! I spent too much of my life being angry for things not happening the way I wanted them to. This brings to believing in let go and let God. I still struggle with this, but it’s one of the best mantras there is. I believe that beauty comes in ALL FORMS and I’m so tired and sad of our society’s warped perception of what beauty should be defined as. You know what is beautiful? Strength. Confidence. Being a mother. Those are beautiful things that aren’t measured by a dress size.

Final wrap ups: I love my kids more than I can ever possibly tell or show them, my sister is my best friend in the entire world and we live two minutes from each other, prayer gets me through my most difficult times (and sometimes a really, good cry…and lets not forget wine, lots and lots of wine!), my parents taught me the real meaning of unconditional love, date nights are ESSENTIAL in reconnecting, I have a gluten intolerance and I love chai tea lattes and going to Pure Barre. But most of all, I’m not perfect. I’m an imperfect mom and I’m learning to be okay with that. I hope you are too. We all have struggles so let us bond over what makes us vulnerable and real. Don’t give up mama, you got this!



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