553862_10101003023909074_481952652_nThis is me. I LOVE sunflowers (and exclamation points…and punctuation in general)!!!!

If this were a Friends personality test, I am Monica Geller without a doubt. I thrive on structure, schedules and routines. I have control issues, don’t we all? Or…maybe that’s just me? Either way, I’m as Type A as they come! However, I have wholeheartedly accepted that God is in control, not me, but I need constant reminders of that. He is my rock. And whether or not you share this same view, just know that He loves you, even if you aren’t there yet. Check out my post to read more about my Catholic faith.

I struggle with anxiety and depression. It took a long time for me to tell anyone that let alone write about it. But I think the world needs it. The world needs to hear it. Especially those of us dealing with motherhood and mental illness. And if you’re apart of this world with me, I am here for you. I understand you. And know above all, this is only a part of you, it isn’t all of you.

I love being a mom but it’s so dang hard some days. My middle son is on the autism spectrum and I write about that often because it weighs the most heavy on my heart. I have three kids that I love more than anything who are so completely different but make our family imperfectly whole (because no one is of course perfect!).

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