I Found Love…

I found love. In my healing but still a little broken state, I found it.

I found a love that accepted me. And I mean all of me. That chased me. That courted me. That didn’t give up on me.

I found a love that stuck around through all my ugliness. Through all of my flaws. Through all of my insecurities. Through all of my crazy.

I found a love that showed me compassion. That showed me mercy. That showed me honesty. That showed me trust.

I found a love that was willing to fight. To stay. To push though the tough stuff. To share in the little joys. To hug through the painful tears.

I found a love that wasn’t prideful. Wasn’t selfish. Wasn’t self-seeking or self-serving.

I found a love that changed me. That shaped me. That helped me become better.

In you, I found love. My forever and irrevocable love.

God had a plan when He gave me you. For without Him, I would have never found your love.

A love that was and still is everything I’ve ever wanted and more.

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