If You Remember One Thing, Remember You Are Resilient

You are loved. Oh my sweet child how you are loved. You are loved beyond words, beyond being and beyond measure. My love for you is limitless, boundless and endless. It’s something I cannot contain and never want to. It gives me purpose. And one day if and when you question love, please look up child, because you are so loved by Him, and it is His love that will carry you through. I hope my love carries you through too.

You are strong. Oh my sweet child how you are strong. You are stronger than you think you are. You have strength you don’t even know yet exists. Your strength makes you a fighter. And not in the physical way, but the mental way. The way that allows you persevere without fists, but with fortitude. And in moments when you don’t believe you have any strength left, you will find it and you will push through.

But if you remember one thing, please remember you are resilient. Oh my sweet child you are so resilient. And because of this, you will not fight adversity, you will embrace it. You will be empowered not enslaved. You will let go of fear and anxiety for trust and acceptance. You will persevere. You will flourish. You will grow in ways you didn’t expect and achieve in ways you never thought possible.

This world can and maybe one day even will break your heart. It will tempt your weaknesses. It will question your morals and try to shake your faith. It will rollercoaster you with ups and downs. It will push and pull you. It will make you feel alone. It will turn its back on you. But you are resilient. Oh my sweet child you are so resilient.

So in times of trouble, do not fear and do not despair. Do not give up and do not give in. Trust in the Lord. Trust in my words. You are loved. You are strong. You are resilient.