We be pouchin’

When we first introduced solids to my daughter I wanted to make everything. Being the organic nut that I am, I planned this from day one, even registering for the glass baby jars. We have a Blendtec so I didn’t see the need for those “baby blenders”. I started with avocados, then bananas, squash, pears, apples and so on.

Then I realized there was no way I would be able to keep this up. Call me lazy, call me selfish, I just couldn’t find the time to make all of my own baby food. Trust me, I felt guilty for days…weeks…heck, I still feel guilty! I’m still giving her organic food, I’m just not making it.

Enter Plum Organics baby pouches. These amazing (and tasty!) baby foods come in stages (1 all the way up to toddlers) and have a variety of fun and nutritious mixes (pumpkin, chia, oats, dates is one of my daughter’s favorites). Stage 1 is just one food, perfect for babies begin the transition to solids, while stages 2 and 3 get into more mixes of fruits, veggies, meats and yogurt (side note: I recommend getting yogurt and trying separately, Stonyfield YoBaby is a great brand).

Not surprising, when fruits were introduced my daughter liked those more. She didn’t care for any veggies. Whether I homemade peas or bought peas she wanted nothing to do with them. The only way she eats them now is in a mix along with spinach and pears. Yep, no veggies stand alone, they must be with fruit or my daughter will make the most hilarious gagging face.

So, back to the pouches. Some mommy friends told me about Plum and that’s all I bought (because it’s all I needed to, they’re absolutely awesome!). Emma did great with them and it was easy…squeeze the pouch onto a spoon and feed her! Then something happened. She got curious. She wondered why is this food going on a spoon when it could be going directly into my mouth? She kept reaching for the pouch and finally I gave in. I put it up to her mouth and the biggest smile appeared. She immediately sucked right out of the pouch and there’s been no turning back since!

Am I okay with this? I guess? I mean, what choice do I have? I would rather her eat from a spoon but she doesn’t want to and I can’t force that. My husband tried bc he isn’t happy with her “pouchin” and she appeases him for a short time then it’s back to the pouch!

As for this mom, I’m happy as long as she’s happy…pouch or no pouch.

*for anyone interested, Plum Organics is running a buy one, get one free promotion with a printable coupon!