New Mom Must Haves

I haven’t been a mom that long but there have been some items I think are really great so I’d like to share with new moms, moms-to-be and anyone else interested! Here are some of my personal favorites in no particular order:

1. Boon Drying Rack. I have the Lawn and I love it. There’s also smaller sizes which include the Patch and Grass. Personally, I think it’s crucial to keep your bottles and their parts separate from your regular dishes and these ones aren’t an eye sore in your kitchen.

2. Boon Bottle Cleaner (Forb). I have used all the regular sponge cleaners, Munchkin, Dr. Brown’s, you name it, and I always ended up with the same results: the sponge on top would fall apart after a few weeks. I also worried about mold (you know, that moldy smell you sometimes get after you wash dishes and realize your sponge needs replacing?). I saw this at Target and couldn’t pass it up. Silicone, BPA free and won’t store water on it! You can also get on their website.

3. Chicco walker. I absolutely love this walker and my daughter does too (check out my videos on her on Instagram)! It has a lot of great features on it including various sounds and little gadgets to keep your peanut busy. It moves smoothly and the wheels also rotate in any direction. There’s also bumpers on the bottom to prevent from rolling off stairs. I purchased at Buy Buy Baby and used a 20% coupon (because it is a little pricey).

4. Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Baby’s First Blocks. These are one of the few toys my daughter plays with. I have bought a ton of different things but she always goes back to these. They’re great for teething (she currently loves putting them in her mouth), banging them together or on anything she can! They also help to develop early motor skills such as hand-eye coordination. I’m looking forward to the day she can place the shape in the proper place without my help!

5. BabyGanics Moisturizing Daily Lotion. I just love this lotion! I know everyone has a preference when it comes to this, but the best thing about this lotion is how thick but non-greasy it is as well as being fragrance free (they do have fragrance ones as well but Emma’s skin a little sensitive like mine so I didn’t want a smell). Here’s some other great things about it:

  • Created with the Plant-Based Ingredients including Shea Butter, Olive and Avocado Oils
  • Non-allergenic formula that is extra gentle on skin
  • Pediatrician & Dermatologist tested
  • Exclusive 100% natural NeoNourish Seed Oil Blend to help nurture and support baby’s skin
  • No: parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, petrolatum, artificial fragrances or dyes
  • Never tested on animals

6. Aden + Anais swaddle blankets. I really do love everything Aden + Anais. Not only do I have their swaddle blankets that we used the first three months of Emma’s life, but I also have their thicker blankets as well as towels, wash cloth sets and bibs! I truly love their products. You can get at most baby stores. Target has a line created especially for them that they carry (I prefer Buy Buy Baby because of the coupons).

7. MAM teether. I love this teether! It took me a while to find one that Emma really liked and this was it. It’s easy for her to hold, it doesn’t get too cold and she loves biting on the top bristle part as well as the sides. It’s by far her favorite (she also loves this strawberry one too). Obviously every baby is different, so you might end up trying a bunch (like I did!) or finding a good one your child loves right away. This one is definitely my recommendation.

8. Baby Ecos laundry detergent. I wanted something that would be good for Emma’s sensitive skin and since I use Ecos already, I was super happy to find out that their was a baby version! It’s hypoallergenic and keeps clothes soft with a built-in fabric softener. I actually get mine from Home Depot (surprisingly!) because it’s cheaper than any other place (Costco, Sam’s Club, you name it, I’ve checked them all!). They also make a stain remover that I get as well. Shipping is free for orders over $45!

9. Dr. Brown’s Microwavable Steam Sterilizer Bags. These are awesome! And they aren’t just for Dr. Brown’s bottles, you can put any kind in here. My girlfriend told me about them and since then I’ve been using. They’re perfect for traveling and I feel really comfortable about my bottles being ‘clean’ (I should note I soak them in hot, soapy water first then sterilize afterwards).

10. Wine. Lots and lots of wine! 😉

 ps. I was in no way endorsed to promote any of these products although I should be;)

This is What Naptime Looks Like

Since the discovery of being able to pull herself up and stand in the crib, my daughter has turned nap (and bed) time into play time. I will lay her down as she puts her hands over her face, the usual ‘I’m tired and ready for sleep’ move. However, this little nugget does this only to lure me confidently out of the room to which she immediately sits up and begins party time!

Here’s how I picture what she’s thinking, parenthesis indicates what things actually are:

Ok, pretend I’m tired. Yep, night mom, laying down until 3, 2,….Ok she’s out! Ha! And I am sitting up. Oh, another fun thing that goes in my mouth (pacifier)! I’m going to bang this against these things here (crib rails) and makes lots of noise. BANG BANG BANG! This is lots of fun. Uh oh, the fun thing (paci) fell, I think I’ll stand up and try to get it. Ok, here we go….and I’m up! Ha! Now where is that thing (paci)? Maybe if I just move down this thing (top railing) I’ll find it. Whoops, fell backwards. I’ll just try to pull myself up again. Here we go….aaaaaaand UP! Easy. Back down! Aaaaaaaaaand up…back down! THUD. Yep, that was my head, now I’m going to scream loud because that one hurt. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

And here’s what I’m thinking:

Wow, that was easy, she definitely was tired as I quietly step out and turn on the monitor. Oh that little….she’s up! She is up! Oh fun, banging the paci on the rails. Yep, that’s on the ground now, well at lease she still has the one in her mouth. Oh, standing up now, great. Here we go! She’s up, wobbling, I can’t look away because she’s going to….fall, yep, there it is. Oh, back up again. I’m going to have a heart attack. Back down again. Oh child, please just go to bed! Back up….she’s close that that edge, oh this isn’t going to be good I think as I drop the monitor and walk towards the room….THUD. I hear her start to cry and feel sick to my stomach as I pick her up immediately to console her.

Yes, this is the nightmare of nap and bed time. My fearless child thinks she’s bigger than she is and wants to explore the world of standing. But you know what? She should. I can’t keep her in a bubble. She’s going to get hurt and not on purpose but because she’s a curious baby who’s becoming more and more aware of her surroundings. I can try my best to prevent these situations but they’re going to happen and the best thing I can do is not panic the way I have been every time I put her in her crib (aka her jungle gym).

Every day is filled with new excitement, adventures, challenges and experiences. I love being a part of them. I love being a mom. I love this child. But right now, I would just love it if she went to sleep!