We be pouchin’

When we first introduced solids to my daughter I wanted to make everything. Being the organic nut that I am, I planned this from day one, even registering for the glass baby jars. We have a Blendtec so I didn’t see the need for those “baby blenders”. I started with avocados, then bananas, squash, pears, apples and so on.

Then I realized there was no way I would be able to keep this up. Call me lazy, call me selfish, I just couldn’t find the time to make all of my own baby food. Trust me, I felt guilty for days…weeks…heck, I still feel guilty! I’m still giving her organic food, I’m just not making it.

Enter Plum Organics baby pouches. These amazing (and tasty!) baby foods come in stages (1 all the way up to toddlers) and have a variety of fun and nutritious mixes (pumpkin, chia, oats, dates is one of my daughter’s favorites). Stage 1 is just one food, perfect for babies begin the transition to solids, while stages 2 and 3 get into more mixes of fruits, veggies, meats and yogurt (side note: I recommend getting yogurt and trying separately, Stonyfield YoBaby is a great brand).

Not surprising, when fruits were introduced my daughter liked those more. She didn’t care for any veggies. Whether I homemade peas or bought peas she wanted nothing to do with them. The only way she eats them now is in a mix along with spinach and pears. Yep, no veggies stand alone, they must be with fruit or my daughter will make the most hilarious gagging face.

So, back to the pouches. Some mommy friends told me about Plum and that’s all I bought (because it’s all I needed to, they’re absolutely awesome!). Emma did great with them and it was easy…squeeze the pouch onto a spoon and feed her! Then something happened. She got curious. She wondered why is this food going on a spoon when it could be going directly into my mouth? She kept reaching for the pouch and finally I gave in. I put it up to her mouth and the biggest smile appeared. She immediately sucked right out of the pouch and there’s been no turning back since!

Am I okay with this? I guess? I mean, what choice do I have? I would rather her eat from a spoon but she doesn’t want to and I can’t force that. My husband tried bc he isn’t happy with her “pouchin” and she appeases him for a short time then it’s back to the pouch!

As for this mom, I’m happy as long as she’s happy…pouch or no pouch.

*for anyone interested, Plum Organics is running a buy one, get one free promotion with a printable coupon!

Why Every Girl Deserves a Sister…

I love my sister more than anything. I don’t think I could even put into words that amazing relationship that we have. In my eyes, she can do no wrong. I will never judge her. I am very protective of her (she is younger than me). I see all the beauty (inside and out), grace, faith and love that she possesses. I am constantly in awe of her. I admire the person that she is and sometimes wish I could be more like her. She has the ability to look for the positive in every situation (and person). She rarely complains and never gossips. She is one of the most patient people I have ever met. Her faith is so devout, inspiring and beautiful. She is charitable, honorable, trustworthy, beyond generous and my best friend in the whole world.

I truly feel blessed because I know not everyone has a ‘blood sister’. They have best friends that are their sisters. They have cousins that are their sisters. They have co-workers that are their sisters. There’s is a sisterly bond that often exists without a blood relation. Whichever your relationship is, you (hopefully) have a sister (or sisters!) because I believe that every girl deserves one.

Our sisters are our best friends. They are our confidants. They are the ones we go to for advice, to vent to, to cry to, to cry with, to laugh with, to share with, to grow with and to experience life with. They are the ones we tell our innermost secrets to and the ones we know will never judge us, no matter what. They take us as we are. They love us unconditionally…the same way we love them. We may fight, argue, disagree and at times even say hurtful things, but we forgive, we forget, we move on and we let it go.

They’ve seen us at our best and at our worst. They’ve stood by us in some of the most joyful and difficult times in our lives. No matter if we were born with a sister or met at any point in our lives, we have shared in experiences and created memories that will last forever. No distance could ever come between the relationship you have. No amount of time could pass that could alter your communication. At times, you know exactly what one another is thinking. You laugh at inside jokes only the two of your could ever understand. You never worry about being anything other than yourself when you’re together. You always ‘tell it how it is’. With sisters, you are always there for one another…always.

As I think about the future and one day, God willing, having more children I hope that Emma will have a sister. I hope that she will experience the pure love and joy of such a special bond the way that I do. If she doesn’t, I hope that she finds a friend to call her sister, one that she can rely on, trust and love like she is family. Every girl deserves a sister. ***Thank you Steph for being not only the incredible sister that you are but my very best friend.

Being a Mom…I Get It.

I love being a mom, I really, really do. I love watching my daughter grow and I simply adore her…but being a mom is so different than not being one. I didn’t really begin to comprehend it until I had my daughter. In that moment, everything changed forever.

When I was single, I didn’t really ‘relate’ to my friends with kids. When I got married, I didn’t ‘understand’ my friends with kids. It was almost like they lived in a different world. A world of play dates, babbles, baby voices, bath time, birthday parties, Disney, Dora the Explorer, kid friendly trips and so many things I couldn’t wrap my brain around. Maybe it was because I wasn’t ready for kids, or maybe it was because I didn’t have them. We’d catch up (because sometimes we wouldn’t talk for a while), but our conversations would be the craziness in my life (relationships, break ups, new relationships, going out, going on vacation, etc.) vs. the craziness in theirs (having kids, taking care of kids, lack of sleep, more kid stuff). I love them all dearly, always will, but I didn’t understand it.

Well, now I get it. I get how your life completely becomes about your children, and not because there’s nothing else for you to discuss, but because it’s what your lives start to revolve around. People ask about your kids, you share stories, you talk about what they’re doing, how they’re growing, you share pictures, videos and you can’t stop smiling. You’re proud, thankful, grateful, over the moon and madly in love but sometimes you’re also overly tired, stressed out, clueless, paranoid, out of patience and just plain frustrated.

To all my single friends, or even my married friends without kids, I love you, I really, really do. But I don’t think you understand my life now. I don’t think you get it. Maybe you think you do, but honestly, I don’t think you can. I don’t think you can because kids change everything. Kids change your views on the world, how you see yourself, your husband and others with children. You ‘get’ your friends with kids, in fact, you rely on them so much you’d be lost without them. Again, this isn’t to offend any of my friends sans kids, it’s just that I was once there, I was once you and it wasn’t until I wasn’t you that I really saw, understood and felt what all my friends with kids were talking about. I still had great relationships with my friends with kids when I didn’t have them, but now I feel like I have even greater ones.

There are those that will never have kids. Whether it’s by choice or not by choice. And we will still be friends with those individuals because friendships aren’t based on your family status (married, single, married with kids or married without). But those friendships might change, and not intentionally but simply because of where you are in your lives.

Some days I miss my life without Emma. I miss my selfish time, not having someone rely on me 24/7, the ability to sleep in and essentially ‘have a life’. But then I think about her sweet little face and know that she is my life, she’s the light of my life. She’s the second best thing that’s ever happened to me (husband is first!) and I thank God for her every day. Right now, I am a mom, I will always be a mom, and finally, I get it.