We Live in a Cruel, Cruel World…and It’s Gotta Stop. 

Have you seen this image? I happen to come across it on my Facebook newsfeed accompanying a story by the Huffington Post. Normally I don’t enjoy reading HP articles because they’re a little too liberal for me and some are downright offensive, but I did for this one and glad I did (for the record, the post was a shared article by HP, not written. Here’s the link).

While I don’t care for anything ‘Kardashian’, this was a post about a little girl with Cerebral Palsy wearing a Kardashian dress that the celebs (aka The Kardashian Kids, the family’s children clothing line) saw and reposted on their page. I thought it was very heartwarming and the girl is simply adorable. I read on to discover the mom not only battling with a ‘do I, don’t I’ complex to initially post the picture because her daughter has special needs, but that once it was posted by the Kardashians the image received some negative feedback. 

Negative? I felt like the mom as I scrolled through the story. But what could be negative? This is a sweet, beautiful child! Then I read on to discover what I’ll quote here from the article, “Back to the negative comments for a second. One commented, “forehead fo daysssss.” Others asked, “Why is her head so big?”

The words were cruel. Along with cerebral palsy, she has “macrocephaly,” a medical term for “large head.”

I just started shaking my head. Not even in disbelief either, but sadness. The words were cruel. They are cruel. And we live in a cruel, cruel world. 

Since my mid-twenties, I have found myself frequently saying the phrase, ‘kids are mean’. But that doesn’t even hold true anymore because it’s not just kids! Look at adults. Look like these grown ass men (and woman) fighting to become the next leader of our country. Look at how they talk, the comments they make, the names they call and the cruel things they say about one another. This isn’t a political debate, it’s a bunch of kids on a playground yelling at each other. I watched an interview where Anderson Cooper was questioning Donald Trump about the tweet he posted of Ted Cruz’s wife (don’t even get me started on this) and Donald’s reply was: “Excuse me, I didn’t start it.” Anderson Cooper literally calls him out for responding like a five-year-old. Click here if you haven’t seen this. 

People are cruel. And they’re not cruel to a specific gender or community, they are cruel to ALL. It doesn’t matter what affiliation you’re with, what you believe in, don’t believe in or what your sexual orientation is. I happen to also recently watch an interview with two women sports writers where men volunteered to read tweets to these women written about them. Some couldn’t even say the comments they were so embarrassed. One that really stuck out to me was one of the writers who shared her own story of rape within a story received a comment “You should get raped again.” What. The. F. I mean seriously? These women are journalists. They have degrees and years of experience and these are the comments people are making? As my mother would say, “SHAME ON YOU!”Click here to watch. I couldn’t get through the entire video, I was so sickened.

No one is safe. No one. No comments are off limits. No consequences. The Internet has created a world where you can hide behind a computer screen and say whatever you want, just like I am doing now! Your comments and opinions are instant. Name calling, threats, racism, sexism, bullying…the list goes on and on. 

And the sad thing is, I have to raise my daughter (and baby-to-be) in this world. I have to explain to them that people are cruel. I have to be there if and when someone calls one of them a name, and not to their face but probably on social media because that’s where everyone handles their business these days. I have to tell them to be the bigger person. I have to tell them that person needs our prayers. And I have to try with all of me not to go physically drive to that kid’s house and ring his or her neck for hurting my child. 

So can we just stop? Really. Can we just stop being so cruel? Because I honestly can’t handle it anymore. I can’t handle how evil this world has become. And yes, that’s the best way I can describe it. Evil. Because ask yourself this question, do you like negative things said about you? Doesn’t it hurt your feelings? So why do it to someone else? 

I grew up on the saying, ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.’ Stop the hate. Stop feeding the evil. Spread the love. Share in the joy. 

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