Why My 18-Month-Old Still Took a Bottle

  My daughter only has milk twice a day: in the morning and at night. She drinks a ton of water during the day and gets other forms of dairy so I don’t worry that much. In the mornings when I am home with her we wake up, I make her bottle and we cuddle on the couch as I feed it to her. The same thing happens at night except my husband feeds her. My mom friends made fun of me a bit saying I need to switch to a sippy cup but it was hard for me mainly due to one reason: I didn’t want to. 

Emma isn’t a baby anymore and she’s growing every day. The more she grows the more independent she becomes. The more independent she becomes the less she needs me. And I love that she needs me. It’s the best part of being her mom. Sure, the neediness in the beginning of her life was a lot to handle but now it’s so great to have her run to me or tug on my pants when she wants me to pick her up. 

And that’s what I love most and that’s why it’s been so hard for me to give up feeding her a bottle. She will be feeding herself and I know we can still have bonding time while she does, it will just be different. 

So as I reflect upon the Christmas season from last year having a six-month-old to an 18-month-old this year, I realize there’s no stopping time. She is constantly growing and changing and I have to be okay with that (like her pictured above in her ‘big girl chair’). I love watching the new things she’s learning and doing each and every day, but there are still my moments of wishing for things she no longer does (or should I say needs me for😢). And I should mention today I finally pulled the plug and switched her to sippy cup this morning. Merry Christmas everyone!