Add Business Owner to My Resume!

So I started this little ‘side business’. It all began when my daughter’s first birthday came around. I wanted one of those cool chalkboards for her party and also first birthday pictures (unfortunately I forgot it to the photo shoot, sigh). I ended up buying on off of Etsy but said to myself…I can probably make these and that’s where it all started. I taught myself and now I love it!

I’ve always been creative. My mom said ever since I was little I was advanced in drawing and loved to color. My sister and I used to play with chalk every summer. We were obsessed! I love this business because “it’s the look of chalk without all the mess.” I kind of made that my tag line.

So now I’m just working on getting my business going on top of being a wife, mother (which encompasses chef, maid, supervisor and disciplinarian to name a few)  as well as my part-time and now this. So yep, add business owner to me resume.😊

It’s nice to find a passion that you love. I’ve always loved writing, I really have, but I just feel like it’s not the time for me. This feels right and I’m going to continue it for a while. And who knows, maybe it will become something big as I plan to expand into other avenues of design and possibly my own printing! 

So as any good business owner would do, please check out my website and Etsy shop (Etsy is the most up to date with my products):

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