You’re Not a New Homeowner if Something Doesn’t Break!

Congratulations, you’re a new homeowner! Time to decorate, furnish and oh, deal with everything falling apart and breaking! It wasn’t easy moving with a baby and it’s not been easy unpacking either (we are getting there!), but seeing her joy in our new home as she crawls all over the place laughing is worth all the stress we had with our move.

So we’re in the house and  getting settled, trying to figure how to operate appliances without manuals, finding out that our lighting is wired completely backwards and will require a good amount of adjusting and all the minor and some major things that are broken and/or need fixing. Not to mention all the things you don’t realize you need until you move in or how expensive they can be either!

Our house is a blessing and I absolutely love it but I feel like you’re not a new homeowner until something breaks. Yesterday we had a major break…our sump pump somehow got disconnected and flooded the storage area through the drywall and into our new carpet. Yes, it could have been worse, it wasn’t the entire basement but on my day off trying to figure out what to do with a crying baby, I was quite frazzled. I was able to see the pipe disconnected and with a few phone calls shut it off and was able to get someone to come out and fix it.

The worst part was the water damage on our brand new carpet. Since we don’t have any furniture upstairs we spend the majority of our time in the basement. Now, we have huge blowers down there, no TV and no play area for our daughter (we moved everything upstairs for now). On top of all that fun, it set us back $450! What?! Luckily, my call within 24 hours allowed for the carpet company to save the carpet and the pad underneath.

I’m told by many it’s one thing after another. I even had a friend whose neighbor gave her the following words of wisdom, “Do you know when you stop doing renovations to a house? When you’re dead.” I couldn’t help but laugh because it’s so true, they never end!

But again, it could always be worse. As for now, we are chipping away at the boxes, adjusting to our new home and hopefully steering clear of any more major disasters!

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