The Grind


Since Emma’s tooth has healed (not in place but it’s no longer loose), she has discovered grinding. She did this prior to her tooth injury but it wasn’t as much. Now it’s all the time. Grind, grind, grind. It’s like nails on a chalkboard. It creeps me out! I have tried everything to get her to stop. My latest effort of saying ‘no’ and putting my finger in her mouth got his reaction (picture above). 

While it’s hard to be upset with such a cute face, especially since she doesn’t know what she’s doing, I still feel the need to try and break bad habits early on. I read about teeth grinding (the dental term is bruxism) and it’s really common with babies, especially those who are teething (hand raise over here). And not surprisingly, there’s nothing you can do. Apparently they just grow out of it! 

As a night teeth grinder myself, I also read there’s an increased chance your child will grind his/her teeth if you do (sigh). There’s also something called malocclusion (another dental term), when the teeth don’t line up just right causing grinding. I start to panic because of her freak tooth injury and worry that will happen (in her situation, the bottom tooth going over the top). Teeth are so important and even though I know these are only baby teeth (and they will fall out), the vanity in me doesn’t want her having messed up ones the first six years of her life (her one front tooth is already coming in yellow😔)!

So while I fret about appearances, I realize it could be a lot worse and I should be thankful that she is a very healthy and happy baby, instead of focusing on minor cosmetic issues. She will probably continue to grind her teeth (cringe!) and do a lot of other things I have no control over and I think that’s the beauty of children. 

They force us to let go. They slow us down. They show us that schedules and routines will not always be followed and at times chaos will rule. But they also teach us patience and bring out the best in us (because after all, don’t we want to be the best versions of ourselves for our kids?). 

Children help us realize that life is short, time flies by and living in the moment is where lasting memories are made. I’ve had a hard time adjusting to following someone else’s schedule (my daughter’s), but it’s also been the best time in my life. I helped create this little human and now I get to watch her grow! 

So while she’s back to the grind, I’ll try to be content with it and focus on doing what I’m supposed to be, being her mom. 

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