Caring For a Sick Baby

  Despite having a cold, this is my happy baby. You would never be able to tell she was sick besides her runny nose and dragon-like breathing. However, this was not the case two days ago. She was miserable, crying nonstop and at night waking up every 30 minutes round the clock (which meant absolutely no sleep for mom!).

I knew it was just a cold but felt quite helpless. However, in the beginning months of her life when she wasn’t feeling good I didn’t know what to think. Luckily that’s what a nurse practitioner grandma is for along with the peditrician. Here are some tips I recommend in caring for your precious peanut when he/she is sick:

1. Determine what’s going on. I have an excellent peds office. I can call and speak to the nurses line to explain my concerns.. They give her advice and let me if I should come in or not. I also have the capability to email the doctor on call and usually get a response with the half hour, if not sooner. Check your baby’s temperature then go from there. Anything under 104 is considered low grade but it’s still good to check and then call your peditrician. 

2. Don’t freak out. Babies can feel what you do. If react angry or upset, they know. If you act scared, they will feel scared. I am still trying to do this and it’s very difficult in stressful moments (like having to hold my daughter down at the dentist while she screamed with huge tears running down her face). Just remember, you’re their mom and they look to you for everything. You must be the rock!

3. Be ok with a schedule change. If your baby is on a schedule, chances are when he/she is sick it will be different. Naps might be longer or their eating might decrease (as long as there are wet diapers it’s nothing to be worried about). This is only temporary but can involve some sleepless nights!

4. Give lots of love. Babies need comfort when they’re sick and despite how exhausting the crying and fussing can be, give as much extra love as you can. I’ve had to rock my daughter to sleep the past few nights when she normally goes down well on her own. This is what she needs so this is what she will get. Don’t view it as spoiling or giving into your baby, but providing them with what they need to feel better. 

5. Remember this to shall pass. You’re tired, restless and you possibly even contracted whatever your baby has. It’s bound to happen. Just remember it won’t last forever and there a light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve felt quite helpless these past few days and hate seeing my daughter so miserable (I’m also pretty sure I have her cold), but with each passing day, she is improving. It might get worse before it gets better, but it will eventually get better. Hang in there!

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