Time…What Time?!

The other day my mom was asking me if I was reading the “What To Expect the First Year” book she got me regarding what your baby is doing for the first year of their life by months (written by doctors). I said no and sounding a little shocked and in her mothering tone she replied, “Well you should, it will help you to know what’s going on.” “I know, I’ll work on that with all of my spare time,” I said sarcastically. We both laughed but the more I thought it, the more frustrated I got. What time do I really have anymore?

I’m lucky I’m able to get any time in to write this blog! How can you find any time in the day to do all the things you need (and want) to get done? When I became a mom, I lost almost all of my ‘me’ time. Sure, I tried hard to make some but any ‘me’ time I got usually ended up being going solo to get groceries or run any other errands while my husband stayed home with our daughter. It wasn’t like I was going to the spa or shopping for shoes. Yes, I can and could still do those things but it really comes down to finding the time.

Then that’s when I realized your time is really about your priorities. I base my time on things that need to be done. When I’m home with my daughter she is my number one priority. All of my time is devoted to her. Sure, I make dinner and get some laundry done (hers is first) if I can, but everything else can really wait. There’s some days home with her when I don’t get to shower until the late afternoon because there is no time, she is consuming all of it. I am okay with that because this is the job I signed up for. I decided to become a mom and take on those responsibilities. It’s like that saying how we always want more time when we don’t have it, and when we have it we don’t need it (my best example here is arriving extra early for appointments, it’s extra time I don’t need because they never take you in early anyways!).

So, what time do I really have? Do any of us really have? Well, we have the time to enjoy life, to love and be loved, to watch our children grow (despite how much we want to slow that time down), to travel, to find passion in new adventures and hobbies, to spend time with the elderly and listen about the experiences throughout their lifetime, time to fulfill our dreams and accomplish our goals, to make mistakes and learn from them, to forgive and be forgiven, time to move on, time to heal, to smile, to laugh, to drink and be merry….

Our time is precious and it’s special to each one of us…and doesn’t last forever, so use your time wisely. I may not have time to read all the baby books I would like but I have time with my daughter and for me, that is the best way to spend my time!

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