The ‘Blow Out’

Having a girl, I feel like I’ve been lucky in not having any explosive diapers. I figured there would be some but thus far, not a single one. I have some girlfriends with sons around my daughter’s age and that is not the case! They have shared stories of explosive diapers and while I can’t help but laugh, I also am so thankful for not having to experience that. I actually went to lunch with one of my friends when our kids were only about 4 months old (they are a few days apart in age) and when we got to the restaurant she noticed her son had a ‘blow out’ diaper covering him and also some of the car seat. I don’t know how she handled it so well as I was squirming in my chair!

I hate baby poop. I am almost positive all parents do. It’s smelly, it’s gross and I can’t help but cringe a little every time I change them. Unfortunately, my daughter has struggled with her bowel movements. When she was little she would be in so much pain and all I could do were tummy exercises and give her gripe water or gas drops. Now, I can luckily give her prunes to help regulate the issue.

She hadn’t had a good bowel movement for a few days so I gave her an entire pouch of prunes (3.5oz). I felt like I have given her that much before so I wasn’t really thinking about it in the moment. When it was time for her to take a nap, I put her down and turned on the monitor. She was playing and walking around like she usually does until she falls asleep.

At one point, I saw her sitting up, her socks were off (I assume she pulled them off) and she was moving her legs pretty fast up and down. I went in there and as I bent down I smelled it. I picked her up thinking she just pooped and once I would change her she’d finally go to sleep (which she usually did). Instead, I saw the poop was everywhere! She has the biggest ‘blow out’ diaper!!! It was soaked in her clothes, on the bed sheet and through the mattress pad (luckily it did not get to the mattress)!

As I tried not to throw up, I brought her to the changing table to remove everything. She was covered in poop all over her legs. It wasn’t her fault but all I could say was ‘Ugh, Emma!’. It was my fault. I gave her an overload of prunes. I felt terrible. I rinsed her off in the tub and put a new diaper on her. I ripped off the sheets and changed them as she played happily on the floor (I quickly took a photo but couldn’t capture the smile). She ended up missing her nap and becoming super restless after that.

I couldn’t help but laugh as I recalled the moment the rest of the day, but I also felt terrible. I know when I’ve given her a good amount of prunes before it just stimulated her to get from the ‘Playdoh’ poop (as I call it) to more soft. It never ended like this. My lesson was learned that going forward, a pouch of prunes is WAY too much! I can only hope if God blesses us with another child and it happens to be a boy that I will find a way to handle the possibility of multiple ‘blow out’ diapers!

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